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Help Bailey Go To Greece!

Hi there! In March 2022, I was notified that I received a scholarship award that covers the cost of a roundtrip place ticket and a partial program fee to a nine day educational trip to Greece. 

Please consider visiting my GoFundMe page and donating to help cover the remaining expenses so I can turn my dream of attending this trip into a reality. 

This is an educational group trip. We will receive daily drawing, painting, and art history instruction from Jerrod Partridge, a well-known visual artist from Mississippi. Everything I gain from this trip will feed into future artworks, which I hope my community will benefit from.


ANY amount you give is going to help me get to Greece. I am deeply grateful for your financial gifts. The host's scholarship made this trip a realistic possibility, but your gift will make my dream of going on this trip a reality.

Thank you!

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